Learn how to see.  Realize that everything is connected to everything else.  –  Leonardo Da Vinci

* Deepen Your Connection to Inner Intelligence
* Strengthen Trust in Your Intuitive Process
* Free Yourself from Creative Limitation
* Transform Your Inspiration into New Horizons
* Inspire Your Sacred Dreams


A New Paradigm of Mind, Matter and Spirit is Emerging in Quantum Mechanics.

Established theories of duality and materialism are being displaced by groundbreaking discoveries in the physics of consciousness, brain science and theories of everything.

Many Artists have accessed non-local, non-ordinary transcendent feelings and insights of something larger, beyond everyday life in deeper creative states of awareness. 

Artists through time have encoded Transcendent Memories of Inspiration and Feeling into ART.  These concepts are received by viewers at vast distances of place and time similar to the effect of Quantum Entanglement  – Quantum Art Equation0001